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Short-term loans for 1 month

A situation where the resolution of financial issues does not tolerate a delay can occur at any time. It can be a large sum for the purchase or payment of expensive services and materials, a small sum for everyday expenses, or when there is simply not enough to pay.

Making a consumer loan for such purposes


It is simply not worth making a consumer loan for such purposes in a state or private bank. Since it will take a lot of time, effort and nerves. And most importantly, you also have to pay excessive interest, which makes such a loan completely useless and unprofitable.

Therefore, if you need to get a loan for 1 month, it is best to do it online on the Good Finance website. Thus, you will very quickly receive the necessary funds, in a way convenient for you, and most importantly – no matter how much money you need, in the end, you will never overpay more than you took.

We issue short-term loans and loans to individuals:

We issue short-term loans and loans to individuals:

  • with bad credit
  • without income statements
  • without guarantors
  • persons over 18 years old
  • seniors
  • without collateral
  • students

It doesn’t matter how much you earn or how old you are. This is not the main thing in obtaining a short-term loan from Good Finance. The main thing is that money should be available to everyone and immediately when it is needed.

With us you can take a short-term loan for any needs.


  • before salary
  • for repairs (apartments, cars, housing, phone)
  • consumer credit
  • for the purchase of household appliances and special equipment (washing machine, refrigerator, laptop, camera, etc.)
  • vacation loan

In life, the unpredictable can always happen. In a situation of acute need for money should not take you by surprise. Now you don’t need to blush in front of friends, borrow money from them or take on bail your favorite and expensive things. Making a loan has never been so simple and affordable as with Good Finance.

Conditions for taking and repaying short-term loans

In order to get a short-term loan you do not need to stand in the queues of the bank, collect a bunch of documents, certificates, look for guarantors, undergo lengthy checks.

You just need to go to the Internet, mark the necessary fields on the website and get the necessary funds very quickly. To apply for a loan, you need the following:

  • Go to Good Finance
  • Set the required amount
  • Choose a term for loan repayments
  • Fill out an application for a loan
  • Check your credit card
  • Within 20 minutes, see how the required amount has been credited to your bank card.

After the expiration of the specified loan term, you need to repay the loan.

  • This can be done in any way convenient for you.
  • You don’t need to go to the bank specifically for this.
  • It is enough to go online and pay off the debt directly on the site
  • It is also possible to repay a loan at any bank or terminal.

If you are not in time with the terms of payment on the loan, then on our website a delay in payment is possible, which allows you not to worry, even if you have delayed payments a little. Making a short-term loan is now much easier and more affordable.

Why us

If you apply for short-term loans and borrowings at Good Finance, then you get a number of advantages that qualitatively distinguish us from other online banking services. These benefits include:

  • provision of credit funds without collateral, guarantors, statements of income
  • Your previous credit history is not important to us, even if it was negative
  • on our website you yourself choose the amount and term of the loan you need
  • we are always available, so wherever you are, whenever you need funds, Good Finance is ready to provide you with them.
  • also, you do not need to go through a lot of checks and confirmations
  • and most importantly, we work online and all you need is access to the Internet and 20 minutes of free time

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