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Loan for housing in Ukraine

Own living space has long ceased to be a luxury and has become an urgent need. However, housing prices continue to rise, in Ukraine, this is mainly due to the geopolitical situation and high demand for real estate.

Therefore, such a banking service as a loan to build a house or to buy it is very popular. This is not surprising since few people can afford a one-time payment of such a large-scale acquisition in order to obtain a huge amount of loan for an apartment.

Purchase a home is in great demand after weddings


A loan for a young family to purchase a home is in great demand after weddings, because cohabitation with parents is associated with inconveniences and difficulties.

The birth of a child is also a serious reason to stop renting and buy your own property in order to be sure of his future and well-being. It is extremely rare for young couples to have enough savings to buy a home, and banks offer their help.

It is quite simple to arrange a youth loan for housing in Ukraine and the terms of such loans are often quite loyal to customers.

Newlyweds and newly-minted parents are not the only ones who may need profitable loans to purchase a home.

Various life circumstances can push a person to change his place of residence, and a loan for the construction of housing and its repair can seriously make life easier for large families and people of an older generation who decide to move away from city noise to the countryside.

Good Finance Extra Loan for Building and Buying a Home


Loans for housing for young families are certainly a very good solution for those who want stability and a strong home. Of course, I want to feel the house “mine” as soon as possible, and the payment process stretches for many years, and even solid savings may not be enough to buy a home without a loan and installments.

A youth home loan in Ukraine is issued at any bank in the country, and Good Finance will help you solve current issues and add the missing amount!

When should I contact Good Finance?

  • If you do not have a small amount to buy your own home;
  • If a house loan taken earlier in a bank urgently requires repayment;
  • If building a house requires an additional investment;

Considering that young specialists do not always receive official employment, banks offer young people a loan for housing without an income certificate, the conditions for obtaining an additional amount at Good Finance are even simpler, we issue loans

  • Persons over 18 years old
  • Without documents confirming regular income

Thus, in order to get an online loan of up to $ 1,500, from the documentation you need only

  • Ukrainian passport
  • Individual Identification Code

If you don’t have a small amount to renovate or your own apartment, if you want to speed up the construction of a house or a summer cottage, and loans to young families for buying a house for any reason do not suit you, a loan at Good Finance will be the perfect solution to your problem!

How to get a home loan for a young family in 15 minutes?


Bank loans for housing for young people are issued according to the established and official procedure for obtaining loans, while you can get a profitable loan to buy a house in Good Finance, or rather, the missing amount, in just 15 minutes without even leaving the apartment!

Stages of taking a loan:

  • Filling out the questionnaire on our website, in which you must specify the current contact information and password to enter the account.
  • Indication of personal information, address, passport data, and TIN.
  • Answers to standard questions when applying for a loan: information about education and career, job title and place of work, the purpose of applying for a loan (for example, you urgently need to get 6,000 hryvnias in credit to a young family in cash for the purchase of a home)
  • Indication of the card number of the Ukrainian bank for which you want to receive credit funds.

Loan term and repayment conditions

If you have found the most favorable housing loan for a young family, but nevertheless want to repay the loan as soon as possible, you can find out the details of the early and timely repayment of the loan from bank employees.

How to repay a loan at Good Finance?

  • You can not even leave your home, but repay a loan without bureaucracy through a personal account on our website.
  • In addition, you can deposit the required amount on the way from work or from the store to any Fast Express or Good Finance terminal.
  • A convenient way is to pay in cash at a bank cashier.

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