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Own living space has long ceased to be a luxury and has become an urgent need. However, housing prices continue to rise, in Ukraine, this is mainly due to the geopolitical situation and high demand for real estate.

Therefore, such a banking service as a loan to build a house or to buy it is very popular. This is not surprising since few people can afford a one-time payment of such a large-scale acquisition in order to obtain a huge amount of loan for an apartment.

Purchase a home is in great demand after weddings


A loan for a young family to purchase a home is in great demand after weddings, because cohabitation with parents is associated with inconveniences and difficulties.

The birth of a child is also a serious reason to stop renting and buy your own property in order to be sure of his future and well-being. It is extremely rare for young couples to have enough savings to buy a home, and banks offer their help.

It is quite simple to arrange a youth loan for housing in Ukraine and the terms of such loans are often quite loyal to customers.

Newlyweds and newly-minted parents are not the only ones who may need profitable loans to purchase a home.

Various life circumstances can push a person to change his place of residence, and a loan for the construction of housing and its repair can seriously make life easier for large families and people of an older generation who decide to move away from city noise to the countryside.

Good Finance Extra Loan for Building and Buying a Home


Loans for housing for young families are certainly a very good solution for those who want stability and a strong home. Of course, I want to feel the house “mine” as soon as possible, and the payment process stretches for many years, and even solid savings may not be enough to buy a home without a loan and installments.

A youth home loan in Ukraine is issued at any bank in the country, and Good Finance will help you solve current issues and add the missing amount!

When should I contact Good Finance?

  • If you do not have a small amount to buy your own home;
  • If a house loan taken earlier in a bank urgently requires repayment;
  • If building a house requires an additional investment;

Considering that young specialists do not always receive official employment, banks offer young people a loan for housing without an income certificate, the conditions for obtaining an additional amount at Good Finance are even simpler, we issue loans

  • Persons over 18 years old
  • Without documents confirming regular income

Thus, in order to get an online loan of up to $ 1,500, from the documentation you need only

  • Ukrainian passport
  • Individual Identification Code

If you don’t have a small amount to renovate or your own apartment, if you want to speed up the construction of a house or a summer cottage, and loans to young families for buying a house for any reason do not suit you, a loan at Good Finance will be the perfect solution to your problem!

How to get a home loan for a young family in 15 minutes?


Bank loans for housing for young people are issued according to the established and official procedure for obtaining loans, while you can get a profitable loan to buy a house in Good Finance, or rather, the missing amount, in just 15 minutes without even leaving the apartment!

Stages of taking a loan:

  • Filling out the questionnaire on our website, in which you must specify the current contact information and password to enter the account.
  • Indication of personal information, address, passport data, and TIN.
  • Answers to standard questions when applying for a loan: information about education and career, job title and place of work, the purpose of applying for a loan (for example, you urgently need to get 6,000 hryvnias in credit to a young family in cash for the purchase of a home)
  • Indication of the card number of the Ukrainian bank for which you want to receive credit funds.

Loan term and repayment conditions

If you have found the most favorable housing loan for a young family, but nevertheless want to repay the loan as soon as possible, you can find out the details of the early and timely repayment of the loan from bank employees.

How to repay a loan at Good Finance?

  • You can not even leave your home, but repay a loan without bureaucracy through a personal account on our website.
  • In addition, you can deposit the required amount on the way from work or from the store to any Fast Express or Good Finance terminal.
  • A convenient way is to pay in cash at a bank cashier.
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Amortize your reform loan by reducing heating costs Fri, 13 Mar 2020 14:36:28 +0000 According to a study, the percentage of the bills that we spend on heating during the winter is 44%. This means that each home assumes an average expenditure of around 500 dollars a year in heating. This figure is 50% more than what we spend to cool our house in summer. However, a reform to condition our house and achieve greater energy efficiency can mean savings on the following bills. Therefore, a reform loan could be amortized if we manage to spend less on both heating and air conditioning. has more details

Choosing the right loan is important

Choosing the right loan is important

A reform at home allows us to condition it to our liking, repair breakdowns and achieve greater energy efficiency. According to data from the consumer study of the online bank, home reforms are the most frequent purpose when we apply for a personal loan, regardless of the age and location of the applicants.

For this reason, this company, like other financial entities, have launched reform loans with the specific purpose of remodeling our home. These credits already have certain conditions set for this purpose, being able to find several on the market, so comparing their characteristics is the optimal decision to obtain the cheapest reform loan.

Since these personal loans are configured to finance all kinds of reforms, we will have to deliver the attached project budget to the rest of the necessary documentation to obtain them. Therefore, we will first have to study the different offers made by the contractors and decide on one, and then resort to the necessary financing for the project.

This time, loan is synonymous with savings

This time, loan is synonymous with savings

With good insulation we can save up to 50% on heating and cooling in our home, according to the Technical Building Code. Taking this information into account, resorting to a reform loan could be an investment for the long-term savings of the family economy, although upon request we may incur a debt with the lender.

The average annual expenditure on air conditioning (both heating and air conditioning) for families is around 990 dollars on average. If we cut them in half, we could save up to 4,950 in the first ten years after the reform, a figure that would more than cover the interest on most of the loans shown in the table.

In addition, emissions from boilers and air conditioners, as well as those produced in the process of obtaining energy, pollute enormously. Thus, with a reform loan, we would help to be more comfortable at home and reduce the impact we have on the environment.

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Fast loans despite negative Credit Bureau. Mon, 09 Mar 2020 14:33:51 +0000

It has happened to everyone before that it becomes financially tight. In such a case, relatives or friends often help out. However, it is not always possible to request a certain amount of money from friends or relatives. And a bad credit rating or a Credit Bureau entry make it difficult to get a loan from And in order to get a loan from a normal bank, the credit rating must be correct on the one hand and on the other hand there must be no entry with the Credit Bureau. However, this does not mean that all the options are exhausted. You will be amazed, but you can get a loan without a Credit Bureau report or with poor creditworthiness.

What points should be considered in relation to quick loans in spite of negative Credit Bureau?

What points should be considered in relation to quick loans in spite of negative Credit Bureau?

First of all, the repayment rates of the loan should be as low as possible. It is much easier for you if there is enough money left over from your income for other important things. Low interest rates and good conditions are essential for financing. A lot of borrowers want the most flexible loan possible. Free special repayments are just as much a part of this as installment breaks for one or more months. All of this should include good financing on the subject of fast loans despite a negative Credit Bureau.

However, keep a few things in mind so that your loan as a trainee, employee, unemployed, pensioner, student or self-employed person is not impeded:

1. Keep the loan amount as low as possible

In principle, the following applies: The costs incurred should be measured as precisely as possible with a view to the topic of fast loans despite a negative Credit Bureau. Anyone planning such a project must make a list of all expenses in advance in order to always have control over their finances. Taking a small buffer into account would certainly not be wrong. However, an excessively large cushion would disproportionately increase liabilities. As a result, it makes sense not to borrow more money than is needed. It is better to compensate for the underdeveloped needs with follow-up financing in the form of follow-up or top-up financing.

2. The structuring of his finances

Anyone who needs a loan for quick loans Despite a negative Credit Bureau, must first assess his financial position correctly and have precise control over expenses and income. Here, for example, a statement of your own costs for a week can be a valuable help: for what is how much money spent per day? In fact, every single expenditure that has been made should be taken into account in order to really record all the cost items. Such a statement of costs helps on the one hand to estimate the best possible loan rate fairly precisely and on the other hand it can be used to determine very well where there is still potential for savings.

3. Be precise, careful and absolutely honest

With all information about your own financial situation and creditworthiness, it is important to be exact, careful and honest – especially when it comes to quick loans despite a negative Credit Bureau, with all information about your financial situation and creditworthiness exactly, carefully and absolutely honestly. required evidence and documents completely together. This is the only way to get a precise and serious picture of your own financial situation, which in any case has a positive effect on the chances for an instant loan or an emergency loan.

How good credit brokers work

Above all, the intermediary will support you in obtaining a “loan without Credit Bureau” tailored to you from a German or foreign bank. However, it is not uncommon for the activity to go beyond mere mediation and is also expanded through debt counseling. A qualified loan despite Credit Bureau agent will advise you on the financing offer by showing you all the advantages and disadvantages and supporting you in compiling the application documents.

Advantages and disadvantages in mediation


  • Detailed advice before submitting the application
  • Assistance in compiling the documents for the loan application
  • Connections to lesser known financial institutions and banks
  • Reasoning aid for difficult personal circumstances or large amounts of funding
  • Good chances of cheap lending rates
  • Brokerage even with poor credit ratings


  • Doubtful offers are not always immediately recognizable
  • Risk of arranging loans that are too expensive
  • Possible fees for obtaining loans

Also worth reading is the contribution loan without Credit Bureau demand experiences

In view of the good relationships that a number of intermediaries maintain with small banks, there are excellent chances of getting better conditions for quick loans despite the negative Credit Bureau. It is not uncommon to negotiate even in difficult cases. In contrast to large banks, where the credit approval process is largely automated, each loan application is checked on a case-by-case basis. In this way, it is possible, for example, to declare an unfavorable Credit Bureau entry so that it is not so important during the credit check. In contrast, with established banks, a loan request for Schnell Loans Despite Negative Credit Bureau is usually a hopeless undertaking from the start.

This is how you can distinguish serious from dubious credit intermediaries

A reputable broker will always act in your interest when it comes to quick loans despite negative Credit Bureau. The agent does not charge you any commission either because he receives it from the bank.

Reputable intermediaries can be recognized by the following features:

  • When you call, you can actually reach someone who gives a competent impression
  • You will receive specific information on debit and effective interest, terms and loan amount
  • You do not pay any fees for arranging a loan
  • The agent has an internet presence including address, imprint and contact options

You can recognize a dubious broker by the following criteria:

  • Cash on delivery of the documents
  • Offers in the form of a financial restructuring
  • Unsolicited acquisition at home
  • Demanding a fee for advice and regardless of the conclusion of the loan contract
  • Promises like “100 percent loan approval”
  • Financing depends on taking out residual debt insurance or other insurance
  • Calculation of expenses or additional costs
  • The broker only takes action if you sign a brokerage contract

Foreign banks – a good alternative for quick loans Despite a negative Credit Bureau

Foreign banks - a good alternative for quick loans Despite a negative Credit Bureau

The financing of larger projects via foreign banks is becoming increasingly popular. It is not just about a new car or a planned trip, but also about the funds for your own existence. In addition to the classic route to a domestic bank, consumers today also have the option of taking out loans from foreign institutions that are tailored to their needs via the Internet. Choosing a financial institution abroad has the great advantage that the guidelines for lending are much easier there than for banks in Germany.

Therefore, poor creditworthiness or a negative Credit Bureau entry on the subject of quick loans only play a minor role despite the negative Credit Bureau. Here, loans are brokered online, which are funded in principle by Infra banks. This fact could be particularly interesting for consumers who have been rejected by Cream banks but quickly need a financial injection. That would be z. B. Probationary workers, self-employed, students, unemployed, trainees or pensioners. On the subject of quick loans Despite the negative Credit Bureau, it is particularly difficult for these people to get a loan.

Swiss credit – the advantages

Individuals in financial need can often not get a loan. The chances of financing are reduced considerably due to poor creditworthiness or debts. In such a case, a Swiss loan would be a sensible option. It means a loan from a Swiss financial service provider. Such institutes generally do not conduct Credit Bureau queries, which logically makes the search for loans enormously easier. Regarding the topic of fast loans Despite the negative Credit Bureau, this fact can almost be seen as ideal.

But even with Infra banks, you can’t get a loan without a certain credit check. The Infra bank will also require proof of income and security from you. With a secured credit rating, the Swiss loan is a realistic option for quick loans despite a negative Credit Bureau, even if you have a negative entry in the Credit Bureau.

Fast loans Despite the negative Credit Bureau: how it works

Anyone looking for quick loans online despite a negative Credit Bureau or “despite a moderate credit rating” is basically thinking of a “loan without Credit Bureau”. However, the creditworthiness is checked equally by all well-known credit banks. Because in addition to the Credit Bureau, there are other credit bureaus that offer this service.

There is actually no one who is at home in Germany and has no entry or score at Credit Bureau. If you are a credit card holder or have set up a bank account, a corresponding credit rating has already been created for you. In this respect there is no “credit without Credit Bureau” at a reputable financial institution, at most one “loan despite Credit Bureau entry”. Many consumers mistakenly believe that they have a “negative Credit Bureau entry”. The statistics show rather: Most of the entries are positive!

If you are planning to apply for a loan, it is best to first determine whether the approval of your application by the bank could be problematic because your score (the so-called credit rating) may be so bad. Once a year, Credit Bureau grants both private individuals and companies a free query of the “Credit Bureau Score”. Since 2010, it has been possible to obtain information from the credit agency to find out which information is stored. According to the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) Paragraph 34, you are generally entitled to this information free of charge, once a year. You can request your own scoring (Credit Bureauscore) as well as information on what credit banks or other institutions have obtained information about you in the past few months from “MeineCredit Bureau”. Your score depends on different “ratings”. These ratings can range from 1 to 100. If someone has a score of 100, this means that an extremely small probability of failure is to be expected. Payment difficulties, on the other hand, are far more likely to be feared if someone only has a score of 50.

Our tip: This is how you can “delete a negative Credit Bureau entry”

It has certainly happened to everyone that he overlooked paying an invoice. Be it a long vacation due to a short-term financial bottleneck for which you couldn’t do anything or a move with a new postal address. An open mobile phone bill can also cause problems. One or the other fell out of the clouds when he submitted a loan application to his bank months later, which was rejected in the face of a disadvantageous Credit Bureau. It therefore has an impact on the application for a loan if the reminders or even payment requests reduce the score.

However, it is possible that the consumer can have a disadvantageous entry deleted at Credit Bureau. It may happen that the credit agency has saved information that is either incorrect or very old and therefore no longer up to date. As a consumer you have the right to self-disclosure, you should definitely make use of it and ensure that existing entries that are no longer up to date are deleted. In any case, the deletion will be requested directly from the credit agency. On the other hand, the condition is that the claim must not exceed USD 2,000 and must be paid within 6 weeks.

Your data at Credit Bureau – deletion of Credit Bureau data

Your data at Credit Bureau - deletion of Credit Bureau data

The Credit Bureau data is automatically eliminated after a certain period of time without you having to do anything. This happens for example with:

  • after 12 months for information about inquiries; This information will only be passed on to Credit Bureau contract partners for 10 days
  • for loans to the day, three years after the year in which the loan is fully repaid
  • for information about due receivables, each after a period of three full calendar years (that is, at the end of December 31 of the third calendar year following the entry)
  • for mail order or online purchases, if the claims have now been settled

The benefits of a Swiss loan

When it comes to granting a loan, it is often difficult for private individuals with money problems. The chances of financing are significantly downgraded in terms of debt or poor creditworthiness. In such a case, a so-called “Swiss loan” would be a real alternative. This is a loan that is granted by a Infra bank. A negative Credit Bureau entry is irrelevant for these institutes because such a request is generally not made, which makes the loan search considerably easier. Especially when it comes to quick loans Despite the negative Credit Bureau, this fact is an invaluable advantage.

But even with Swiss institutions, you cannot get a loan without a certain credit check. The Infra bank will also require collateral and proof of income. However, if you have a reasonably secure credit rating and a negative Credit Bureau entry is your only concern when it comes to financing, the Swiss loan is a real alternative for quick loans despite a negative Credit Bureau.

What is the “APR”

For quick loans Despite the negative Credit Bureau, the “effective annual interest” or “effective annual interest rate” is also significant. What is the “annual percentage rate”? This means the interest costs for loans per year, which are calculated on the basis of the nominal loan amount. Depending on the payment, it is specified with an agreed percentage. For loans whose interest or other price-related criteria can change during the term of the loan, this interest rate is referred to as the initial “effective annual interest rate”

A fixed borrowing rate may also be agreed for a loan for the entire term. This means that the nominal interest rate on which the “loan” is based remains stable, regardless of the current trend on the capital markets. The advantage here is that a fixed borrowing rate gives you the security that your loan costs will always remain constant. During the entire term of the financing, you can therefore expect the interest rate on the “loan amount” to remain the same.

What does the loan term mean

The term of a loan affects the loan terms that the bank grants to the borrower. A long “loan term” means that the borrower has to pay lower monthly installments than is the case with a short-term loan. The right decision different options regarding the loan term can therefore have advantages. However, you cannot keep track of all maturities for all loans.

The time period between payment and full payment of the loan amount is called either the loan term or the loan term. In principle, the duration depends on the amount of the nominal interest and the repayment. The amount of the repayment rate clearly affects the term in particular. The repayment of the loan amount and thus the loan including processing fees and interest takes longer, the lower the monthly installments are. Loans that are connected over 5 years or longer are considered long-term loans.

What are the loan fees

Loan fees are sometimes also called closing fees, processing fees, loan processing fees or processing commission. These fees are usually the costs that the credit institution was allowed to calculate until 2014 for the effort required to process an application for a loan or a loan request. As of May 2014, the calculation of the “loan fees” for a loan request, including the assessment of the borrower’s creditworthiness, was declared inadmissible. In the meantime, processing fees depending on the amount of the loan have not been allowed to be charged since 2014. As a rule, these costs were approx. 1 – 3 percent of the loan amount, for example, for a loan of USD 10,000, USD 150 to 450. If various borrowers have been charged such a fee for the loan request or application, they often have the right to request a reimbursement of the cost.

What is a lender

What is a lender

The lender is a legal or natural person who lends money to the borrower or borrower for a certain time at an agreed rate of return. The term “lender” is generally used in credit contracts. In this context, one sometimes hears the terms “creditor” or “lender”.

When the lender approves a loan, he therefore charges higher interest due to the considerable repayment risk. A savings bank, bank or insurance company usually acts as a lender. The Civil Code (BGB) is decisive for the rights and obligations of the borrower.

What is the monthly rate

“Loans with poor credit ratings”, on the other hand, must also be repaid as individual monthly installments. One of the elements of the monthly installment on loans is the interest rate. The bank calculates the interest rate based on the prices currently charged for interest on the global capital market. The borrowers then pay this interest on their loan with a corresponding premium.

Another important component of the “monthly installment” of loans is the repayment. The borrower usually determines the repayment rate depending on his economic circumstances. With longer-term financing, the repayment is generally one percent per year. If the loan amount and thus the loan amount is to be repaid with a shorter term, a higher repayment must of course be agreed. Regardless of this, the monthly installments – depending on the amount of the repayment – are then significantly increased.

It is primarily interest and repayments that primarily make up the monthly installment for loans. In the case of financing, however, the processing fees charged by the banks and the brokerage commissions from the credit intermediaries are usually integrated in the monthly installment. Although these costs are normally taken into account in the interest, they count as a component of the monthly installment to the total loan amount.

What is a debt rescheduling loan

What is a debt rescheduling loan

When a debt is rescheduled, a person takes out a loan to compensate for an existing loan that has to be repaid with more expensive interest. This type of loan is also called a debt rescheduling loan. Debt restructuring also has the advantage that it can combine different loans into one. You can therefore disclose more than one loan for a debt rescheduling. In general, the “debt rescheduling loan” is not taken out at the previous bank but at another bank. Nevertheless, there is nothing to be said against it, if the loan for a debt rescheduling is requested again from the same bank – logically only if the repayment conditions are correct this time.

You see, debt restructuring has several advantages. The real meaning and purpose, however, is that with the debt rescheduling loan you will have less financial expense than before after completing your new loan. It can help you save money if the interest is even minimally cheaper.

What is the total loan amount

Bank customers usually undertake to repay the total amount of the loan to the bank. This includes all costs that the bank charges for the approved loan. The bank therefore not only requires the borrower to repay the loan amount taken out, but the total amount including all ancillary costs, within the agreed loan term. Additional costs that are added to the pure loan amount may also include commissions or processing fees and the interest to be paid. Due to the additional expenses, the “total loan amount” is significantly higher than the nominal amount of the loan.

Equally to the total loan amount are the costs which have to be paid in the form of residual debt insurance in the course of borrowing.

What is the loan amount

What is the loan amount

The actual loan amount that the borrower receives after approval of the loan application is less than the total amount that he then has to pay back. The amount of the payment may also differ because the “loan amount” may not be paid out in full as a total amount. The same applies to a “Swiss loan” or a loan.

It does not matter whether the borrower is a private person or a commercial company, the credit institution always checks the total income or the current earnings situation before the application for the loan amount is approved. It does not matter what size the actual loan amount is. The monthly income of the borrower is checked in the same way for a loan amount of USD 500.00 as for a loan amount of USD 10,000.00.

There is usually a fixed agreement for the repayment of the monthly installment for the loan amount in a certain period of time. These credit terms are always laid down in the loan agreement. The loan amount can nonetheless be repaid more quickly by the borrower through special repayments if his income is large enough. Whether these special repayments are subject to fees or are offered free of charge must be determined from the respective loan offer. If the last installment was finally paid, it can generally be assumed that the loan contract will also automatically expire. If a loan amount is taken up again, the borrower must in turn apply to the bank.

What are the credit rating criteria

Without a credit check, there is no loan. The result of the credit check is largely dependent on the “credit rating criteria” and is to a certain extent the credit rating that defines the individual mark-up on the loan. If the creditworthiness is excellent, relatively low interest will be charged. A good result in determining the various factors of the credit check is therefore always useful for the borrower. The normal creditworthiness criteria of financial service providers often differ from bank to bank. The credit rating criteria mentioned here are identical for every bank and apply to every borrower.

  • What is the total income?
  • What is the employment relationship like?
  • Is the borrower a contract agent, officer or official?
  • Who’s the employer?
  • Where is the borrower’s place of residence?
  • Are there entries at credit bureaus like Credit Bureau etc.?
  • Does the applicant keep a budget book with a statement of expenditure?
  • Are there assets in the form of real estate or land?
  • What is the marital status?
  • Are there existing guarantees and loans?

These are the prerequisites for quick loans despite a negative Credit Bureau

In order to positively influence the decision of the loan broker for your loan, you have to meet the following criteria:

  • Legal age
  • German address
  • Account with a domestic financial institution
  • regular monthly income
  • sufficient creditworthiness
  • for dedicated loans, collateral such as real estate or a car

A so-called credit private or personal loan, which various credit intermediaries offer, can in principle also be obtained with an insufficient credit rating. With “Lending money without Credit Bureau”, one or more donors act as lenders instead of the bank.

Notes regarding quick loans Despite negative Credit Bureau

Notes regarding quick loans Despite negative Credit Bureau

Never apply for a loan with a bad Credit Bureau score or an unfavorable Credit Bureau if you are not quite sure that you can actually repay it. The bank usually has valid reasons to reject a loan application.

Please remember: One of the business principles of credit institutions is geared to the fact that as many consumers as possible take out a loan and repay it in full, on time and with interest. Financial service providers are naturally very interested in granting loans. In the past, payment behavior was very inadequate, it can be expected that the installments will not be repaid on time. For this reason, the application is then clearly rejected. But even with a sufficient Credit Bureau, the loan application can be rejected. This is the case if the necessary financial means are insufficient or the minimum income is so low that repayment of the loan cannot be guaranteed.

It is therefore necessary to compare the total income with the expenditure before applying. Only then should you decide whether to apply for a “loan without Credit Bureau”. This allows you to easily estimate whether you will eventually have difficulties with the repayment. You should definitely keep this in mind: We are always faced with unpredictable situations that can thwart us. Our financial plan is being overturned and we can no longer repay the loan on time. That could e.g. B. the defective car, the broken washing machine or a surprisingly high postpayment requirement from the gas or electricity provider.

You can also take advantage of the opportunity to get individual advice on a “Credit Bureau-registered loan” from your personal credit advisor. This not only helps you to find the right offer, but also analyzes your financial situation together with you. You do not run the risk of falling into a debt trap because you know very well about the pitfalls that “taking out a loan despite Credit Bureau” can do. The advice given to the loan broker also includes “debt restructuring despite Credit Bureau”. This means that several loans are combined into a single loan.

You will only receive a “credit with Credit Bureau” or a “credit with Credit Bureau entry” from the financial institution if you have a sufficiently good Credit Bureau score. to be able to access it free of charge and ask for the erasure of incorrect or outdated information.

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Which bank is best to take a loan from? Tue, 03 Mar 2020 15:46:03 +0000

Today, a variety of financial companies are trying to attract the attention of borrowers by offering loans at 0%, favorable conditions and the need to provide a minimum package of documents. At first glance, everything may seem just perfect. But is it really so? This article raises the need to consider which bank is better to take a loan and how much will have to be overpaid in a particular case.

Who can get a cash loan from a bank?

Who can get a cash loan from a bank?

A bank is a financial organization where customers have the opportunity to borrow the necessary amount of money. For this, the age of the borrower must exceed 21 years. As for the package of documents, in order to conclude a loan agreement, you will have to provide a job certificate on salary, an extract from the Bureau of credit histories, a certificate of family composition and many other different confirmations of the borrower’s solvency.

Despite the advantages of bank lending, there are some restrictions that apply to the following categories of people:

  • unemployed;
  • students
  • pensioners;
  • socially disadvantaged;
  • minors.

By contacting the bank in order to obtain a loan, individuals listed on the list may be refused due to insufficient solvency.

How to choose a bank for a loan?

How to choose a bank for a loan?

If you are determined to cooperate with a banking organization, you must first evaluate the rating of a financial company based on the following indicators:

  • Read real customer reviews. Often, the company’s website contains information that real borrowers refute. Therefore, in order not to encounter hidden interest, overpayments and other pitfalls, it is worthwhile to be more selective about various kinds of promotions and special offers. Only customers who work with a particular organization can tell which bank is better to take a cash loan.
  • Rate the site of the lender. One-day companies do not provide detailed contact details and other necessary information. On the website of the financial institution, the city telephone number and physical addresses of the branches should be posted.
  • Compare the programs of different financial companies. Here it is necessary to pay special attention to the percentage. Many banks provide the opportunity to take the first loan at 0%, which is certainly beneficial. As for all subsequent loans, a certain percentage of overpayment will be set here.
  • Fame on social networks. Doubtful financial companies are unlikely to replicate themselves.

Benefits of MFI Loans

Benefits of MFI Loans

If you do not know which bank is best to take a loan from, use the services of the micro-credit service. Here, loans are issued to borrowers on the most favorable terms without overpayments, collateral and guarantors. As for the positive aspects of cooperation with the MFI under consideration, these are:

  • The minimum package of documents. To become a client of a microcredit service, it is enough to upload scanned copies of a passport with a residence permit and identification code to the company’s website.
  • Online microloans are issued to everyone without exception. Students, seniors and even the unemployed can take a microloan.
  • To apply for a loan there is no need to go to the company office. After submitting an online application, the required amount of money will be transferred to the card of any bank.

By contacting the MFI, you will be able to evaluate all the advantages of a microcredit service, and if necessary, apply for a deferral or extension of an active loan.

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Over-indebtedness, all the ways out of the impasse for debt relief Sun, 01 Mar 2020 15:32:41 +0000

In the new era of zero interest rates, consumer credit offers are becoming increasingly attractive. But that of financing is a way that it must be followed with great caution. You always have to deal with your family budget and the ability to sustain the installment of the requested loans. There are not rare cases in which he finds himself inundated with debts and therefore in the inability to meet his financial commitments. The risk, in the event of default of at least two installments, is to be reported to the Sic (Credit information systems) as a bad payer, with all the consequences of the case. To avoid reaching this, if we were to find ourselves in an over-indebted situation (imbalance between the obligations assumed and the assets that can be immediately liquidated) it would be better to play in advance and exit the impasse using one of the solutions offered by the market or Italian legislation.


The way of debt relief

debt relief

With the debt relief procedure provided for by law number 3 of 2012, families also have a sort of bankruptcy procedure available to restore their debt condition. But to access it, certain requirements must be met, starting from the existence of an over-indebted situation. In addition, the debt relief procedure can only be accessed through the bodies in charge, therefore or through the crisis settlement bodies (Occ), or by qualified professionals, such as the lawyer or the accountant. Furthermore, the consumer must not have benefited from any other debt in the eight years preceding the application and must not have reported any convictions for a series of crimes envisaged by the legislation. Furthermore, some debts, such as those deriving from maintenance and maintenance obligations, cannot be debited. Going into more detail,

  • the agreement with the creditor;
  • the consumer’s plan;
  • liquidation of assets.


Real agreement between consumers and creditors

consumers loans

Which is reached if there is adhesion of at least 60% and which, like the arrangement with creditors, has effect also for those who have not signed the agreement. The second procedure, on the other hand, provides for the presentation of the so-called consumer plan, with an excerpt of the debts, a rescheduling of the residual debt and the modification of the amortization plan. In this case, there is no agreement with creditors. The plan must be examined by a judge and if approved, it will affect all creditors. If the plan is not accepted, on the other hand, the consumer will always be able to access the third procedure required by law, or the liquidation of the assets, renouncing all his assets, except for those that cannot be attached.


How to consolidate your debts

consolidate debts

As we said, in order to access the debt relief procedure, it is necessary to be in an over-indebted situation. If this does not happen, but the family budget is still suffering, then you could try to go down the road of debt consolidation: an operation that allows you to bring together multiple loans in one and then pay a single installment monthly. To consolidate debt there are two possible options: personal loans and liquidity mortgages, which on average have lower rates than traditional consumer credit (loans are usually used when the amount of loans is significant). If, on the one hand, however, the rates are lower, on the other hand, it must also be taken into consideration that obtaining a mortgage is subject to the opening of a mortgage on one’s property. Whether you choose a personal loan or a mortgage, however, before consolidating it is good to do an analysis of the old loans, calculating the average Taeg and comparing it with the new one. For this analysis you can always use online comparators, such as Cream Bank, where you can find the best offers also for debt consolidation.

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3 keys to make sure that a loan is perfect Thu, 20 Feb 2020 16:11:35 +0000

We all have a friend who always buys the same as us and, above all, at a better price. No matter what product it is, he always gets the best deal, and the worst part is that he brags about it. As it does? Comparing and investing time.

We all have a lot to learn from that friend. If it is about finding a loan with the best conditions, the trick is the same, but we must know what to look for so that later we do not scrub their offer. These are 3 elements that we must control to have the best possible credit.

Beyond the interest on the loan

 Beyond the interest on the loan

Obviously, we will have to look a little beyond the basics: we all know that the lower the interest on the loan, the better for us. Starting from that basis, we can go on to review other aspects that interest us:

  1. Commissions: some financing includes them, whether they are opening or study. These usually represent a percentage of between 0.50% and 3% of the amount loaned, an amount that, depending on the loan requested, can be quite high. For example, if we ask for 10,000 dollars and the opening commission is 3%, we should pay an extra 300 dollars. So, if there are no commissions, it is a first point in favor.
  2. Early amortization: canceling an operation before the agreed term is met can save us money. Of course, some lenders demand compensation for it that can be, at most, 1%. If early redemption is free, we won’t have to overpay. This is the second point to control.
  3. Linked products: sometimes, when requesting financing, the entity that will lend us the money will ask us to contract additional services such as life, payment or account opening insurance. These can (usually) carry an associated cost. If we avoid them, we’ll make sure we don’t have to overpay.

Of course, with respect to this last point, we must know that these extra links can suppose that they grant us less interest. In these cases, we must calculate whether this discount, taking into account the cost of the services that we contract, comes to account.

Who has this type of credits?

Who has this type of credits?

When dealing with these issues, one of the questions that arises is who allows us to benefit from this type of advantageous financing. One of the lenders allows to get from 4,000 to 15,000 dollars from 4.95% TIN without commissions of any kind and without related products. In addition, it is available for any purpose: buying a car, paying for studies or financing a reform, among others.

In the market we can find some more. However, to get it we will have to ask for a loan in several places and not keep the first offer that they ask us. A good way to do this is through the Oliver Mellors loan comparer, a place where anyone can find the financing that best suits their needs.

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Short-term loans for 1 month Sat, 15 Feb 2020 16:09:58 +0000

A situation where the resolution of financial issues does not tolerate a delay can occur at any time. It can be a large sum for the purchase or payment of expensive services and materials, a small sum for everyday expenses, or when there is simply not enough to pay.

Making a consumer loan for such purposes


It is simply not worth making a consumer loan for such purposes in a state or private bank. Since it will take a lot of time, effort and nerves. And most importantly, you also have to pay excessive interest, which makes such a loan completely useless and unprofitable.

Therefore, if you need to get a loan for 1 month, it is best to do it online on the Good Finance website. Thus, you will very quickly receive the necessary funds, in a way convenient for you, and most importantly – no matter how much money you need, in the end, you will never overpay more than you took.

We issue short-term loans and loans to individuals:

We issue short-term loans and loans to individuals:

  • with bad credit
  • without income statements
  • without guarantors
  • persons over 18 years old
  • seniors
  • without collateral
  • students

It doesn’t matter how much you earn or how old you are. This is not the main thing in obtaining a short-term loan from Good Finance. The main thing is that money should be available to everyone and immediately when it is needed.

With us you can take a short-term loan for any needs.


  • before salary
  • for repairs (apartments, cars, housing, phone)
  • consumer credit
  • for the purchase of household appliances and special equipment (washing machine, refrigerator, laptop, camera, etc.)
  • vacation loan

In life, the unpredictable can always happen. In a situation of acute need for money should not take you by surprise. Now you don’t need to blush in front of friends, borrow money from them or take on bail your favorite and expensive things. Making a loan has never been so simple and affordable as with Good Finance.

Conditions for taking and repaying short-term loans

In order to get a short-term loan you do not need to stand in the queues of the bank, collect a bunch of documents, certificates, look for guarantors, undergo lengthy checks.

You just need to go to the Internet, mark the necessary fields on the website and get the necessary funds very quickly. To apply for a loan, you need the following:

  • Go to Good Finance
  • Set the required amount
  • Choose a term for loan repayments
  • Fill out an application for a loan
  • Check your credit card
  • Within 20 minutes, see how the required amount has been credited to your bank card.

After the expiration of the specified loan term, you need to repay the loan.

  • This can be done in any way convenient for you.
  • You don’t need to go to the bank specifically for this.
  • It is enough to go online and pay off the debt directly on the site
  • It is also possible to repay a loan at any bank or terminal.

If you are not in time with the terms of payment on the loan, then on our website a delay in payment is possible, which allows you not to worry, even if you have delayed payments a little. Making a short-term loan is now much easier and more affordable.

Why us

If you apply for short-term loans and borrowings at Good Finance, then you get a number of advantages that qualitatively distinguish us from other online banking services. These benefits include:

  • provision of credit funds without collateral, guarantors, statements of income
  • Your previous credit history is not important to us, even if it was negative
  • on our website you yourself choose the amount and term of the loan you need
  • we are always available, so wherever you are, whenever you need funds, Good Finance is ready to provide you with them.
  • also, you do not need to go through a lot of checks and confirmations
  • and most importantly, we work online and all you need is access to the Internet and 20 minutes of free time
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Loan despite Credit Bureau entry with guarantors. Sun, 02 Feb 2020 15:39:19 +0000

The Credit Bureau entry is colloquially only negative characteristics registered there, although most of the data of the credit protection association refer to properly serviced loans as well as existing credit lines and telecommunication contracts.

A guarantor is liable for the repayment of a loan as soon as the actual loan customer cannot make it. Guarantees are usually agreed jointly and severally. This means that the bank can turn to the guarantor after an unsuccessful dunning procedure and does not first have to have the customer unsuccessfully attached. The amount of the guarantee is usually limited to a specific loan including the associated interest.

Who can vouch?

Who can vouch?

A borrower can in principle suggest any person as a guarantor. In its own interest, however, the bank does not accept every proposal for a loan despite Credit Bureau entry with guarantors, since the legislator places specific requirements on the effectiveness of a guarantee by private individuals. These may not be financially underwritten with the guarantee given, at the same time neither their inexperience nor a moral emergency situation may be exploited.

This does not necessarily exclude the guarantee of close family members, but the bank must ensure that they are financially resilient and do not act out of a perceived predicament. A consequence of the legal provisions is that credit institutions, despite Credit Bureau entry with guarantors, place higher demands on the economic performance of the guarantor than on the actual borrower.

The guarantor must not have forfeited a negative entry at Credit Bureau, and at the same time his income must allow the guarantee obligation to be satisfied. If these requirements are met, the application for a loan despite the Credit Bureau entry with guarantors has good chances of approval, so that the guarantee is a sensible option for borrowing despite an existing negative entry.

What needs to be considered with a guarantee?

What needs to be considered with a guarantee?

When selecting the bank, borrowers make sure that the selected bank actually offers a loan with a guarantor despite Credit Bureau entry. Some direct banks generally do not grant loans with guarantees due to the workload associated with the guarantee declaration. At other banks, loan applicants with poor credit ratings or with negative characteristics in their Credit Bureau information themselves suggest providing a surety.

In some cases, a bank initially rejects a loan application and advises the applicant on its own that it can obtain the desired loan when it provides a guarantor. If a loan is entered into with a guarantor despite Credit Bureau entry, the bank concludes a loan agreement with the borrower and a guarantee agreement with the guarantor.

Furthermore, an agreement arises between the credit customer and the guarantor by law. This states that the borrower is obliged to reimburse the amount paid if the agreed guarantee is actually used against the guarantor.

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